Centro Wireless Reuses

June 12, 2014

A very large number of cell phones and batteries wind up in landfills every year. Unfortunately, many of them are still functional. Phones with blemishes are often thrown in the trash without regard for their core functionality. Even phones with failing functions can still be salvaged. At Centro Wireless we are committed to extend the mobile life cycle of the phones and batteries received by saving them from the landfill.

Though the average American upgrades their phone every two years, there is still a demand, both domestically and abroad, for wireless devices in a variety of conditions. Whether the mobile devices have flaws or a broken screen, it is possible that they can be used for salvage parts. The more phones we can reuse, the greater amount of toxic chemicals we keep from seeping into our water, polluting our air and poisoning our soil.

Reusing is an important environmental waste reduction strategy in the 21st century. As the global population continues to expand and resources become more scarce, Centro Wireless is doing its part to reduce humanity’s impact on the planet. Reusing cell phones and batteries also helps expand access to mobile devices which has implications for improved public health outcomes and employment opportunities. We are devoted to reusing as many phones and batteries as possible and believe this is the basis for our strong sustainable green business.

Centro Wireless promotes the reuse of wireless devices through our remarketing strategies. By remarketing the mobile phones and batteries we receive on the global market, we help others reuse phones that would otherwise be thrown into the trash. If you are part of the supply chain that supports reusing phones, from refurbisher to wholesaler, retailer or end consumer, feel free to visit our inventory page to view our current products in stock.