Centro Wireless, LLC

January 24, 2014
We’re an electronics recycling company with the mindset of an industry-leading corporation. Throughout our 10 plus years of experience in the wireless industry, we’ve offered a consistent supply of mobile devices and batteries at wholesale prices to fulfill the needs of our customers. Because of our existing customers and the efforts of our team, Centro Wireless is an established company in wholesale distribution. The quality product we sell and our commitment to our core values has attracted clients from around the world in different regions including North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.
It’s not just about the electronics for us. We have committed to preserve the environment and take pride in the fact that our business helps reduce environmental waste and extends the mobile life cycle. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 416,000 mobile devices become electronic waste every day in the United States alone. Recycling one million cell phones can lead to the recovery of 50 lbs. of gold, 550 lbs. of silver, 20 lbs. of palladium and 20,000 lbs. of copper. We’ll continue recycling and remarketing wireless devices and batteries until they no longer exist…so we’re planning on being around for a long time.
We have existing relationships with a variety of refurbishing companies, repair centers, wholesalers, and retailers. We understand the pressures facing businesses today and always work smart so your organization can buy and sell mobile devices in a dependable manner from us.
If you refurbish, repair, distribute, wholesale or retail mobile devices and batteries, our desire is to establish a long-term business relationship with you and learn about your company. We like business to be simple and straight-forward. We are ready to supply your company with the products you need on a consistent basis.
We are committed to punctuality, honesty, flexibility and quality. In addition to offering cell phones wholesale, we also offer batteries and are expanding into air cards, memory cards, hotspots and tablets. We are passionate about moving our industry forward and helping our customers maintain sustainable business.