Recover the value in your cell phones, tablets, air cards and hotspots while being a good steward of the planet. Contribute to keeping our planet clean and recovering the precious metals contained in phones.


Reduce your environmental waste and extend the life cycle of your electronics. By reusing phones, together we can extend wireless access across the globe and ensure that perfectly usable phones with minor cosmetic blemishes have a second life.


Take advantage of Centro Wireless' global experience marketing cell phones, tablets, air cards and hotspots at wholesale prices. Whether you are interested in refurbishing phones or selling quality used phones wholesale or retail, we have a wide variety of phones and tablets available.

Doing business with Centro Wireless is a way of making an impact
Corporations choose Centro Wireless for their wireless buyback and revenue recovery programs because we minimize risk through secure handling of their sensitive information while ensuring profitable and sustainable business practices. From more than a decade of business experience, Centro Wireless knows how important it is to choose the right business partners. We deliver reliable results with a high level of responsiveness and integrity. See why corporations choose Centro Wireless.
We provide refurbishers a consistent supply of phones with accurate descriptions of their conditions. We offer a wide variety of used wireless phones in repair condition that are ready to ship worldwide. These devices may require minor cosmetic reconditioning while others will need significant refurbishing - all of which will always be indicated before purchase. Click here for more information on how we serve refurbishers.
With more than 10 years of experience dealing with wholesalers, Centro Wireless has perfected our receiving, processing, ordering and shipping processes to deliver our product efficiently. Wholesalers continue to choose Centro Wireless because we represent the product accurately, provide an invoice quickly and ship promptly. Discover how wholesalers benefit from a partnership with Centro Wireless.
Retailers turn to Centro Wireless to provide their customers with the latest and greatest phones at competitive prices. We offer a 30-day warranty on all tested phones and many of the top GSM and CDMA phones customers clamor for. Click here for more information on how we serve retailers.
Established in 2005, Centro Wireless has remarketed more than 1 million cellular devices across the globe. Located in beautiful Addison, Texas, Centro Wireless is pushing the wireless recycling forward through our commitment to planet and profits. Being in business for more than a decade, Centro Wireless knows how this business works and how it should be run - with punctuality, honesty and flexibility. When you choose Centro Wireless, you’re not just choosing a vendor - you’re choosing a partner capable of supporting many of your electronic needs. We offer the highest paying trade-in prices for cell phones and tablets. Find our more about Centro Wireless.
Centro Wireless will never prioritize profits over taking care of our customers. Through years of transactions, our team has always kept the philosophy that short-term gains never outweigh long-term partnerships. Centro Wireless doesn’t just pay lip service to our values - you’ll see them in action every time you pick up the phone or send an email. See our Vision, Mission and Values.
There are many choices when considering where you will purchase your next wireless and electronics devices. Our customers choose Centro Wireless because we offer quality Android, Apple and Windows phone from a variety of the top manufacturers. We process all phones at our headquarters and ship promptly after payment. Learn more about the products we carry.
When you buy phones from Centro Wireless, you are also buying the peace of mind knowing that the functional and cosmetic condition of our product is represented accurately. Our extensive product offering ensures that we have products in the conditions you require. Read the descriptions of the conditions we deliver your devices in.