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October 8, 2016

Utility and government agencies are vital to the development, maintenance, and stability of communities and commerce. Individuals and teams require quality devices to quickly and effectively communicate necessary processes and procedures for day-to-day progress. Centro Wireless provides fast, safe, and effective communication to utility and government agencies around the world.


Utility workers are often required to respond to emergencies in the field at a moment’s notice. Emergency situations demand that utility workers be outfitted with cellular devices that can reliably receive and transmit important phone calls, data communications and diagnostics. Centro Wireless’ devices meet necessary standards of quality to ensure that workers remain connected across wide areas of coverage to teams throughout the region.


In addition to emergency responsiveness , safety is a top priority for workers in all fields of utilities and government. Due to the harsh and rugged environments that utility workers endure, direct communication to cellular devices must be maintained the length of the long work day. Similarly, government administration personnel require clear lines of communication for the effective and safe relay of important information requiring prompt action on the part of specific personnel.

All sectors of the government require communication devices that provide a quality connection between each other, from administrative officials to workers in the field, such as waste management, environmental services, water and sewage personnel, and correctional facility officers.

Utility and government entities worldwide are seeking budget friendly solutions for quality cellular and telecommunication devices. Centro Wireless offers an array of gently used devices to meet these budgetary restrictions. Our phones have been quality tested by employees to ensure devices meet the reliability demands of the field.

If you work in utilities and government and are interested in the products Centro Wireless provides to the utilities and government industry, please fill out the Contact Us form on the right side of this page.

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