Our Customers: Wholesalers

As an experienced electronics recycling company and cell phones wholesaler, Centro Wireless has been dealing with wholesalers for more than 10 years. What does that mean for you? We’ve streamlined our processes for maximum efficiency and provide wholesale companies with cell phones and batteries in a timely manner. Communication is an important part of our business model and our desire is to establish and maintain a relationship with your electronics wholesale company.
If you are interested in buying from us, you can expect Centro Wireless to represent the product accurately, provide an invoice quickly and ship promptly. To provide flexibility for you, we accept several different methods of payment for qualified buyers. We believe providing flexibility to our customers allows them to run their business more effectively. We are dedicated to working with each of our clients to meet their product needs.
If you are interested in selling your electronics to Centro Wireless, we are also interested in helping you remarket excess inventory of wireless devices including phones, batteries, air cards, hotspots and tablets. Please contact us with your inventory. We are interested in building long-term relationships with companies who have consistent supplies of quality product.
Whether you are buying from or selling to Centro Wireless, we will always conduct business according to our vision, mission and values. Our belief is that electronics recycling can improve sustainability and contribute to a cleaner environment while being profitable at the same time. By recycling, reusing and remarketing used mobile devices and electronics, Centro Wireless and electronics wholesalers play an important part in extending the life cycle of devices that are otherwise destined for landfills.
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