Our Quality

March 6, 2014
We offer phones in different functional and cosmetic conditions. Our approach allows us to sell product to different customers based on their specific needs. Representing correctly our products is an important part of our business model. Centro Wireless has adopted the following guidelines.

Our phones are sold in these functional conditions:

  • Used Tested
  • Used Repair Stock
  • New

Our phones are sold in the following cosmetic conditions which range from A stock to C stock:

  • A Stock
  • B Stock
  • C Stock
  • HSO: Handset only, no batteries and no doors.
  • Cosmetics are used and show normal wear however they are not guaranteed.
  • We have used batteries and doors available for most devices we sell.
  • Some devices are sold handset only. If they are sold without batteries or doors, they will be notated with the “HSO” abbreviation.
  • No accessories or boxes are included. Phones are sold locked to the original carriers unless noted differently.