Canada Mobile Buyback

November 22, 2016

Canada, much like the United States, leads the world in adoption of mobile devices by its population off 36 million people, of which about 28 million use mobile devices on a daily basis. Canadians turn to their major carriers like Bell Mobility, Rogers/Fido Microcell, Telus Mobility, and Sprint Canada to services their smartphones, tablets and WiFi hotspots. Canada functions on two different mobile infrastructures, Code Division Multiple Access (CSMA) and Global System for Mobiles (GSM). With Canada’s GDP expected to grow between one and two percent through 2020, companies will continue to expand and require new mobile devices to compete in the growing market.

Mobile Buyback and Electronic Recycling

As Canada’s mobile technology market continues to mature, companies will increasingly look to Centro Wireless to buy back lightly used mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, wifi hotspots and MiFi hotspots, the intelligent mobile wifi hotspots. Companies throughout the industrial, corporate, education, government & utilities, healthcare and hospitality industries drive turnover of mobile devices as they seek to upgrade their wireless devices to meet the latest security requirements. Centro Wireless offers opportunities for these industries to regain the remaining value from devices and assists companies to reduce electronic waste. Canadian companies choosing to work with Centro Wireless support the efforts of Environment and Climate Change Canada and the broader efforts of Canada as a whole to positively impact electronic waste. Cell phones and other electronics recycled with Centro Wireless undergo a documented process of disposal, including the proper handling of physical and data resources.

Used Mobile Solutions Vendor

If your company seeks to purchase reliable, sustainable, and quality devices, Centro Wireless provides an array of devices to meet the day-to-day demands of your company. With mobile data usage projected to grow 42% through 2020 across all of North America, companies continue to look to Centro Wireless to supply their employees the tools they need to compete. Look at the products page to see a list of Centro Wireless’ available cell phones, tablets, and wifi and mifi hotspots. Centro Wireless offers devices tested for quality and sold with a warranty, unless otherwise specified.

Centro Wireless has provided sustainable solutions worldwide for over 10 years. Choose Centro Wireless to dispose of your used phones or to upgrade your current devices today.