Centro Wireless Remarkets

Centro Wireless has many years experience remarketing cellular devices and batteries in secondary markets around the world. Our knowledge of global mobile markets and our extensive business relationships allow Centro Wireless to remarket the used electronics processed. Whether it is the latest technology or a mobile device several years old, Centro Wireless has experience extending the mobile life cycle of that product. Our cell phone remarketing processes keep our quality high as we distribute mobile devices and batteries to companies worldwide.

By remarketing thousands of phones and batteries each month, Centro Wireless is helping to expand mobile access around the globe. We have continued to remarket wireless devices for over 10 years because we maintain high quality assurance practices. Upon receiving the mobile devices, we inspect and test them before extending the useful life of the device.

Whether you are a refurbisher, wholesaler or retailer Centro Wireless has quality mobile phones at wholesale prices. Every phone we remarket is a phone kept out of the landfill. Our triage processing and quality control procedures ensure that the phones we remarket provide great value to our customers. We acquire our products from a variety of recycling sources in order to maintain a wide selection on a consistent basis.

If you are a company looking to upgrade and recycle your wireless devices and mobile phones, contact us so we can assist you by remarketing or recycling your electronic assets.

Many discarded phones still have years of functional life. Our multi-channel cell phone remarketing approach ensures that these phones’ value is utilized by a secondary user.